An update on Upstream in 2019
Summit Experience

Presented by Amazon Web Services, the Upstream Summit is a one-day music industry conference focused on navigating the music industry for artists and music industry professionals.

Recording Academy Pacific Northwest ChapterProgrammed in partnership with the Recording Academy Pacific Northwest Chapter, this year’s Summit speakers includes artists, music industry professionals, event producers and creative directors who all have significant experience navigating the music industry.

The Summit will take place on Friday, June 1st in venues across Pioneer Square, prior to the start of the Upstream Fest. Programming will include sessions focusing on the most pressing opportunities and challenges facing artist and music industry professionals today; including utilizing data to make marketing and touring decisions, how to hone and share your brand, demystifying contracts, artist well-being, and how to use tools like aggregators and metadata to make sound business decisions. Tickets to the one-day summit are $25.

Stay tuned for more speakers and sessions to be announce in the coming weeks.

Indie Market

For the emerging industry professional or artist, focused on giving you more tools to grow your music career.

Roadmap to Success (Contracts, Agreements, Licensing)

How do you get appropriate representation to protect what you create? When do you need to contact Whether you’re just getting started or have been on the grind for some time, this session will provide artists at every stage of their career a clear timeline for when they need to consider agreements and contracts; from your band agreement, to sync licensing, to copyright law. Don’t just wing it! A successful career needs a good roadmap to help guide it. Speakers include artist Astra Elane of The Gods Themselves, attorneys Ed Pierson and Joleen Hughes, and Madeline Dowling, Music Supervisor at Marmoset.

Artist Management

Learn from managers exactly what they can help accomplish for artists. A great session for an artist who like to become a better self-manager or for someone seeking reliable management. Learn what to expect from professional artist management and how you can apply those concepts to a self-managed career. Speakers include Austin Santiago, Christen Green, and Rick Richardson

From the Basement to the Studio: The Ins and Outs of Production

Sit down with artists Sango and SassyBlack and producers Eric Lilavois and Larry Crane, who have mastered the boards to understand how to transition from DIY production to the expectations of a professional studio. New school meets old school with emerging and veteran engineers and producers, here to help you understand the steps you need to take as an artist to make the most of your time in the studio and truly capture your sound.

Building community through music and culture

One of the most important topics in every local music scene is understanding the interplay between community, culture, and the arts. In this session, we'll dig into how to incubate a thriving artistic community and help elevate each other and our scene to the regional and eventually national spotlight. Speakers include Jazmyn Scott, Joseph Guanlao, Sharlese Metcalf, and Eric Gilbert

Artist Journey

Hear real stories and important lessons from nationally touring acts, headliners, and musicians who have gone global.

Touring & Live Shows with Odesza

Learn the power of touring to grow your audience from Seattle's own ODESZA and their manager Adam Foley. From their approach to planning, booking, and travelling, to staying true to their roots. Hear how the development of their live show experience has catapulted them to international acclaim. Feel free to whisper to your neighbor when and where you "saw them first."

Getting 'Record Ready'

Professor Susan Rogers will share her experiences working alongside artists such as Prince, David Byrne and Tevin Campbell and discuss what it takes to make a record in today's music industry. Executive Director of the Producers & Engineers Wing Maureen Droney joins Susan for this discussion about the new A&R, how to prepare to make a record, differing work environments, what it means to be a professional recording artist and is the album still important to an artist's success.


Rock and roll drummer Fred Coury shares his journey from playing the drums in Cinderella, to becoming a producer, composer for TV and Film, and now developing the sound of the LA Kings and Portland Trail Blazers. Join journalist Nicole Brodeur as she dives into how Fred's ability to re-invent himself has created opportunities in the business for over 40 years.

Amazon Music: Fireside Chat with Krist Novoselic

Amazon Music head of editorial Nathan Brackett sits down with Krist Novoselic of Nirvana and most recently Giants in the Trees, to discuss his journey from punk obscurity to international mega fame and back and explore how his own unique path of social and political activism has shaped his life and music career.

New Music Ecosystem

Experts from across the music and tech industries will dig into what data really matters to artists, labels, and platforms, and how it can help you make informed decisions to grow your career.

Global Music Landscape

How has technology impacted the global music landscape? This session will explore how our increasingly connected world has redefined the possibilities for cross-cultural music and exchange and question how we can preserve unique cultural traditions by stepping outside of traditions, and incorporating new technologies. With Tendai Maraire of Maraire Enterprises, Elena Moon Park of Found Sound Nation, Hatim Belyamani from remix ←→ culture and Farai Msika from Friday Arts & Media.

Data: What is it good for?

Data is a word that has been thrown around so extensively in the new music industry it has begun to lose its meaning. Learn how data is actually being used by artists, record labels, and digital agencies to make decisions and benefit careers. Learn from CASH Music's Maggie Vail, Sub Pop Records' Co-President Tony Kiewel, PlayNetwork’s Director of Music Services Julia Cummings and Add3's Brian Rauschenbach on what data is useful, what is bogus, and how to use it best

Music, Metadata & Money

Metadata is a groan-inducing word, but if you're an artist putting your music into the world, you have already started creating your own digital footprint. Hear from music analysts Sam Pucci at Next Big Sound on the data they are collecting and how you can harness the power of your own digital footprint to reap monetary rewards. Next Big Sound will case-study a few examples of well-known artists and how their data is helping them make decisions on everything from distribution to touring.

The Future of What Podcast Live : Music Cities

Enjoy a live-taping of Kill Rock Stars' President Portia Sabin's essential music podcast "The Future of What", and explore the music industry along the Cascadia Corridor. Leaders from our regional music hubs of Seattle (Kate Becker), Portland (David “O.G. ONE” Jackson), and Vancouver (Alex Grigg) are changing the game when it comes to diplomacy and openly sharing best practices. Learn how are these regional partnerships are impacting our local community, creating opportunities and helping increase the value of music.

Summit Breakfast Hosted by Starbucks

Summit Breakfast Hosted by Starbucks ( 9:30 - 11:30 )

All Summit attendees are invited to join us at The Starbucks Stage at The NINETY prior to the start of the Upstream Summit for a networking breakfast with other music industry professionals and speakers. Swing by anytime between 9:30-11:30 am for complimentary Starbucks coffee, Evolution Fresh juices and assorted breakfast items.

*Prior to the Starbucks Breakfast, Summit Attendees must pick up registration pack at Upstream Buttnick Box Office, located at 200 1st Ave S (SE corner of 1st & S. Washington St), open at 8am on Friday, June 1st.

MusiCares/SMASH Wellness Hub

Creativity and health go hand in hand! Make sure you stay healthy mentally and physically by accessing on-site wellness services at the Upstream Summit.

MusiCares/Smash Wellness Hub

Being a successful artist or industry expert requires personal care and wellness. Join us at The NINETY for a drop-in wellness fair, where you can get personalized molded earplugs and your hearing tested, courtesy of MusiCares. Resources will also be on hand to complete basic health checks, counseling resources, insurance help, and other wellness services:
  • MusiCares Hearing screenings
  • Custom earplugs (limited to first 25 attendees who qualify)
  • Katie Chase, LMP Local massage therapist specializing in bodywork for musicians
  • MusiCares info and resource table
  • Basic screening: Blood pressure, Non-fasting fingerstick for blood sugar
  • SMASH health resource table
  • Representative from Washington State Healthplanfinder
  • Consult with a Naturopathic Doctor: Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle Consults
  • Physical medicine Screenings: Spinal alignment check, Muscle energy stretching

People Over Playlist: The Lost Art of A&R in the Digital World​ (2017)
Leveraging Creativity in the Age of Collaboration: From Original to Remix to Grammy (2017)
People Over Playlist: The Lost Art of A&R in the Digital World​ (2017)
We are committed to providing ongoing support to artists through our yearlong programming including the one-day Summit, the ongoing Mastering The Hustle series (in partnership with KEXP, MoPOP and the Recording Academy). We're excited to provide our regional artists and music industry professionals continued learning opportunities throughout the year.