Summit Experience

Presented by Amazon Web Services, the Upstream Summit is a one-day music industry conference focused on navigating the music industry for artists and music industry professionals.

Bigger Than You: Scene-building and Collaborative Marketing
Leveraging Creativity in the Age of Collaboration: From Original to Remix to Grammy
People Over Playlist: The Lost Art of A&R in the Digital World
In partnership with the Recording Academy Pacific Northwest Chapter, this year’s Summit programming will pull from a committee of artists, music industry professionals, event producers and creative directors who all have significant experience navigating the music industry.

The Summit will take place on Friday, June 1st in venues across Pioneer Square, prior to the start of the fest. Programming will include 12+ sessions focusing on the most pressing opportunities and challenges facing artist and music industry professionals today; including utilizing data to make marketing and touring decisions, how to hone and share your brand, demystifying contracts, artist well-being, and how to use tools like aggregators and metadata to make sound business decisions. These topics highlight new opportunities within the industry, artists can walk away with the ins and outs of the music industry. Tickets to the one-day summit are $25.

We are committed to providing ongoing support to artists through our yearlong programming including the one-day Summit, the ongoing Mastering The Hustle (in partnership with KEXP, MoPOP and the Recording Academy), and the Seattle Music Summit later in the summer, produced by the Recording Academy. We’re excited to provide our regional artists and music industry professionals continued learning opportunities throughout the year.