Upstream Summit Startup Showcase

The new music economy has expanded opportunities for innovative startups to merge music, tech, media and design. The Upstream Summit’s Startup Showcase will highlight four startups who are using emerging technology to disrupt the music industry by creating new opportunities for artists, labels, venues and beyond. In addition to their breakout session, the following companies in the Startup Showcase will be giving live demos throughout the Summit from May 11-12.

Steve Hall

8Stem is an interactive audio format that allows any listener to remix music like a professional DJ or sound engineer. Paired with the first multi-channel playback and remixing app, 8Stem signals a new era of music that is participatory, immediate and social.

Matt McIlwain

Make.TV reinvents how broadcasters can discover, acquire, produce and distribute video content from anyone, anywhere. Easily mix in crowd-sourced, contributor-based and live social video feeds to increase reach and revenue.

Steve Hall

Pixvana is a Seattle software startup building a video creation and delivery platform for the emerging mediums of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (XR).

Digital Tip Jar
Matt McIlwain

Digital Tip Jar is a solution allowing creators to earn money while sharing their work freely with the public. People show love and creators are able to connect with the audience in a spirit of mutual gratitude unlike typical online transactions.

Startup Showcase Breakout Session
Meet the Startup Showcase Speakers