Upstream Music Fest + Summit - Artist Submission

Artist Submission

: newly created or noticed and growing in strength or popularity : becoming widely known or established

The creativity and DIY spirit of the Northwest is in our streets and our studios, at our soundchecks and our DJ booths. It pours from the airwaves of local radio and grows inside prolific venues. This region has been redefining the music industry for decades, and our success stories span genres and generations. Jimi emerged here, so did Macklemore. From HEART to the Head and The Heart, Shabazz Palaces to ODESZA. Upstream Fest + Summit celebrates the sound of the Northwest and intends to develop a unique industry experience that fosters and supports artists at every level of their career.

Artist Submissions are now closed, thank you to the 1200+ artists who submitted. Our programmers will be contacting artists in January 2017.

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