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About The Summit

At the Upstream Summit, emerging artists, industry experts and creative collaborators from the Northwest and beyond will gather at WaMu Theater to dive into how to succeed in the changing music economy. Our Seattle-based summit will dig into the most pressing opportunities and challenges currently facing the music industry, especially emerging artists here in the region.

The keynote speakers Macklemore, Quincy Jones and Portia Sabin will set the tone for the two-day Summit with personal, compelling and interactive discussions. Their keynotes will lay out the four Summit themes; streaming and beyond , data and analytics, globalization, and industry collision, and are intended to spark 24 smaller breakout sessions lead by leaders from the music industry and beyond.

At the Upstream Summit, we are going to dive into these questions together as we work to build a community that supports and uplifts artists at every level of their career. Summit pass options include 2-Day Summit, 2-Day Summit + 3-Day Fest, and VIP. Group packages are also available. Buy Summit passes now!


Many Rivers to Cross: How The Music Industry Is Adapting to The Streaming Model and Beyond
Music consumption is higher than it has ever been, and streaming surpassed physical album sales for the first time in 2015, but artists are not seeing that translate to royalties. Artists must work closely with the music industry in order to adapt to the current streaming model so they can make a living creating music, the music industry can continue to innovate, and audiences can continue discovering music.

Digital Witness: How Data Drives Creativity
Industries across the world are taking advantage of the growing ability to leverage data and analytics, including the music industry; from artists to labels, promoters to venues, data and analytics are inspiring innovation across the industry. How should the music industry use the world of data to increase artists’ revenue and exposure, and how can artists in the face of metrics retain their creative spirit?

World Town: How Local Artists Go Global and Global Artists Stay Local
In a world where music is increasingly accessible, what are the tools artists need to make the most of this potential global audience and how can the music industry cultivate relationships and business practices around the world?

In A Future Age: Industry Collision in the New Music Economy
The music economy has changed dramatically as traditional sales models have been replaced with new technologies and unique content partners. The music community continues stretching into new spaces and connecting with other industries, creating new opportunities for artists, venues and broadening what we consider “the music industry”. Buy Summit passes now!

About The Summit