Upstream Music Fest + Summit - Volunteer

Volunteer at Art + Culture at Upstream Music Fest + Summit
May 11th - 13th, 2017

When you sign up and complete 8 volunteer hours during the Upstream Music Fest + Summit, you'll become eligible for a $50 three-day General Admission Fest pass and a custom designed t-shirt. The $50 is to be paid when you register as a volunteer.

Friends of Arts + Culture volunteers are also required to pay a deposit of $85 upon signing up for Upstream Music Fest + Summit volunteer shifts. This $85 deposit will be required in order to complete the transaction for your three-day $50 General Admission Fest pass, which will be available for pick up the week of Monday, May 8th on the Upstream Music Fest Campus near CenturyLink Box Office . You will be refunded this $85 deposit upon recorded completion of your shifts the week after the end of the fest.

If your plans change, you can drop your shifts and resign as a volunteer before April 20th and we will fully refund both your $85 deposit and the $50 general admission pass charge.